Monday, June 22, 2009

Speaker Election - how did they perform?

Beckett - deeply uninspiring and already so many reasons not to vote for her. No way.

Beith - My first choice - real reformer, means what he says, one of only two to bother about mentioning diversity.

Widdecombe - assured, confident, but very very scary. I know house needs shaking up, but if she's going to deliver a short sharp shock and then disappear at election, then I'm not keen. I mean, I was struck by the thought that the Tory approach to youth justice, ie lock em up and teach them a lesson, just increases reoffending.

Dhanda - What a star! Mentioned how chamber should reflect modern Britain, Twitter, giving power away. Am a bit worried that he's been a Minister. In fact, have just checked his voting record. I don't care whether he was a minister or not, being very strongly against an enquiry into Iraq and moderately against a transparent Parliament is not a good sign. By their deeds shall ye know them and all that. Was briefly seduced but now not so sure.

Lord/Haslehurst - no, no and thrice no. As Deputy Speakers they are responsible for the current failings. There were more of them than there were of Michael Martin. They could have done more to refocus power in Parliament and not with the Government. Also Tom Watson likes both and Tom Harris like Haslehurst. That in itself good reason to avoid.

Cormack - I didn't connect with him at all. You have to give him respect as a senior MP but he just seem so much like one of "them".

Shepherd - I liked him and could live with him as Speaker - he's clearly trod his own path as an FOI campaigner and whistleblower champion. Not my first choice but he'd be better than most. Thought it a bit weird that he said he'd fight contested General Election, though. Surely not as a Tory, and under Speaker's colours? However the fact that Tom Watson wasn't impressed is an added bonus.

Bercow - I was disappointed with him, particularly as he played the clown for so much of his speech. There was a nice touch when he said that he would like to be a Speaker and a listener. There's also the fact that we'd have the head of the Government trying to dodge the Labour knives being thrown at his back and the Speaker trying to dodge the Tory ones aimed at his front if he won.

Young - liked him and could live with him. He seemed sincere and had a grasp of what needed to be done and where the power needed to b?

So, after all that, if it were an STV election, how would I vote?

Cormack/Lord/Haslehurst blending into one
Widdecombe (on the basis that we'd only have to put up with her for 11 months
Beckett (know there's no point but it's one of these last place out of spite votes)

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