Monday, June 22, 2009

Speaker election - MPs, what are you thinking?

Bloody hell, MPs. Parmjit Dhanda as I said earlier wasn't perfect, but he gave a fantastic speech - talking of taking Parliament round the country, being modern and inclusive and giving power away. Surely to goodness he deserved more than 26 votes. I can't believe it. Actually I can. Bunch of middle aged reactionaries! He should not have been ousted so early on. This is such a good argument for STV and preferential voting as I think he'd have picked up a lot of second preferences.

James Graham has just done a fabulous tweet saying:The MPs could be in the pub by now if only they could figure out how to write numbers on ballot papers instead of putting an X. Fucktards." Quite!

Anyway, it looks as if it's going to be Bercow v Young. Given that choice, I'd go for Young. Bercow's speech just didn't do it for me and he seemed a bit Blairesque.

Voting was as follows:

Bercow 179
Young 112
Beckett 74
Haslehurst 66
Beith 55
Widdicombe 44

Lord, Dhanda, Cormack and Shepherd were eliminated.

Their total vote was 63. It will be interesting to see where that goes. Dhanda's should by rights go to Beith if people want a real reformer, and so should Shepherd's. We'll see.

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