Thursday, June 18, 2009

Obama writes note to excuse child from school

Two Obama stories in one day, and this one came to my attention via my friend Jamie, but I couldn't resist this one. While meeting health care workers the other day as part of his plan to reform healthcare, Obama offered to write a note to excuse the 10 year old daughter of one of the audience from school.

What a moment for that wee girl, who is the same age as my daughter! It took me a while to come round to Obama, but I'm there now! Not only does he have ideas and values I can relate to, but he's really good at the people stuff. It's such a relief to have an incumbent of the White House that doesn't make you cringe.

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Liberal Polemic said...

He makes me cringe every bit as much as the last guy.

Why, exactly, is it acceptable that a young child miss a day's education so that she can sit in adoration at his feet listening to a speech she won't understand?

Oh, I forget. It's because he's the big man!

If a kid turned up at one of the school's local to me with an absent note like that the parents would be called in to speak to the headteacher.

Hywel said...

"but he's really good at the people stuff."

Hmmmm - I thought, "how Tony Blair"!

Of course I never drank the Obama Kool-Aid

Unknown said...

Tony Blair always made me feel slightly nausesous, right from the start. It's taken a while, but I've never had that feeling with Obama. He seems a lot more genuine.

LP, I have a 10 year old daughter and I'd take her to see Obama over missing school any time! It's an opportunity she would really appreciate and she'd have her Mummy next to her explaining what the speech was all about. I have a feeling that the school would also understand, too.

She has a 98% attendance record because I won't send her to school if she's ill, unlike some, and I'm quite relaxed about taking her out for one day to attend Scottish Conference every year.

Clair said...

She might not understand the speech but she will have positive enduring memories of politics- and gee, everywhere sure could use young people actually giving a ....
Obama doesn't make me cringe because for all his folksy stuff he can communicate at a higher level too- unlike GWB who could barely string a sentance together!

Thanks for posting this, I loved it!


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