Friday, June 05, 2009

Random Reshuffle Thoughts......

Alan Johnson as Home Secretary: putting your key leadership rival in the job that has proved to be a political graveyard - Blunkett, Reid and Smith all failed spectacularly there - could be quite a clever move.

No Ed Balls as Chancellor - I think we can all be grateful about that! However, the one they have was responsible for introducing 10p tax and the failed reduction in VAT.

Bloody Tory hypocrites. Just seen Tim Montgomerie totally slagging Labour. Does he not remember that John Major spent his last 5 years in office dodging daggers flung straignt at his heart from the Tory benches?

And as an aside, the BBC asks Helen Duffett why we aren't doing as well as expected. I mean, hardly any results in and we win Bristol, taking seats from the Tories. Not a bad start, by any manner of means.

Let's give the last word to Nick, who's on the money as always. He told the BBC that Labour have no right, when people are losing their jobs and need help, to hold the entire country to hostage with all this carry on. He called for an election and fresh ideas.

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