Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Arrogant and out of touch leader refuses to listen

Now, who did you think this was going to be about?

Gordon Brown?

Well it could be, but it isn't. I'm having a wee Formula One moment of outrage at two things FIA President Max Mosley has said over the last few days. Yesterday it was this. It wasn't so much his saying that new teams are needed in F1 - anybody can see that the sport is crying out for new blood - it was more his comment, delivered without a trace of irony, that "You can't have just a lot of old men running it (the sport)". Now, he could be 107 years old and I'd be happy for him to be in charge if he were willing to share power and listen to people, but the teams don't have a huge amount of power in F1 - it's all pretty much in the hands of Mosley's FIA and Bernie Ecclestone commercial rights holder. If anything could make Britain's political system look transparent and open at the moment, the governance of F1 is it.

The second thing which made my blood boil was that, when he was asked about how the current crisis in F1 could affect his re-election as FIA president, due in October, he went on about how the FIA wanted him to stay but some of the teams didn't "but that doesn't matter,they don't have a vote." What sort of attitude to holding power is that?

Rumour has it that he is going to play hardball with the teams in connection with their block conditional entry into next year's championship by ruling them all invalid. This would be an act of eye-watering arrogance and stupidity. It is to be hoped that the teams continue to stick together -I have been surprised that their unity has held up thus far and if it continues to do so, then Mosley will either have to compromise or effectively publicly execute Formula One.

We'll know by 12th June what his next move is. I'm sure the fans of the sport would not take kindly to teams like Lewis Hamilton's McLaren, stars of the moment Brawn, Toyota and Renault being denied a place on next year's grid.
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