Friday, June 05, 2009

A Polling Day tale to warm your hearts

Amidst all of the political turmoil of the moment, I thought I would take a few moments to share with you a sweet tale of altruism from yesterday. I didn't do so last night on the grounds that it might be seen as a desperate last minute trawl for votes.

Anyway, last night was not just Euro election day, it was also our daughter's Brownie trip out, to Build a Bear, Edinburgh. For the uninitiated, BAB is a shop where children can make their own cuddly toys. As well as it being a huge drain on our household budget (let's face it, we could have had a meal out for what we spent last night), I find it a bit creepy to see the unstuffed skins piled in their boxes. Anyway, the kids love it.

Because I'm not well at the moment (and, even if I had been, I would have been out on the streets), my poor, lovely, long suffering husband had to go straight from work to help look after 20 7-10 year olds in a frenzy of excitement about acquiring their new furry friends. The whole process took over 2 hours actually in the shop during which time any self respecting adult could reasonably be expected to lose the will to live.

Anyway, the kids and their accompanying adults had to run back to Haymarket Station to catch the train home - and they missed it. So, we now had 20 very thirsty girls with ages to wait on a station platform - and no drinks in sight.

Enter stage left the heroic Charles Dundas, Scottish Lib Dems Campaigns Officer, who took a few minutes out of a hectic day of campaigning to rush across the road from Party HQ with several litres of water and plastic cups.

Many thanks to Charles and Charlie - when I rang up to ask if they had any cups, they could just have said no and left it. I'm really grateful, and so are the girls, that they bothered themselves to have a look and come to the rescue.

The last laugh goes to the lovely Andrew who speculated that Operation Water the Brownies would turn into Operation Toilet Queue.

Anyway, I think that Charles and Charlie are the fantasticest people in the entire universe, total heroes!

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