Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Guardian: Get Rid of Gordon and do what Nick says

I wouldn't like to be Gordon Brown this morning. Not on the day when the Labour supporting Guardian calls for his head in no uncertain terms.

I do feel a bit sorry for Gordon Brown - he is actually a good man. Politically he has done things that I totally disagree with, but as a human being I'd pick him over his predecessor any day. The person who did most of the damage to politics left Downing Street 2 years ago. In many ways he left a legacy that it was almost impossible for Brown to recover from - and the expectations that he should usher in a different kind of government were always way off the mark.

What is most interesting about the Guardian's editorial, though, is that it basically says that Brown should go, there should be a very quick leadership election in the Labour Party and then they should delay the Summer recess and enact the reforms Nick Clegg was talking about last week.

If the Guardian carries on like this, I might have to start buying it again.

And PMQs will be interesting today......

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Roland Hulme said...

Great post - I think I agree with you in thinking that Gordon Brown is a JOKE.

The fact that the labor party couldn't even get their arse in gear to throw up a SINGLE candidate to stand against his 'coronation' as PM - not even for appearance's sake - just indicates what a gutless, unaccountable, undemocratic and pathetic institution British politics has become.

Perhaps - PERHAPS - this expenses debacle will stir the people into giving two hoots about something OTHER than 'Britain's Got Talent' but I'd just imagine it'll give extremists like the BNP a boost.

Gordon Brown is nothing - he's as drab and bland as his name. Good man? Perhaps - but not a brave one, a dynamic one or one who made any distinguishing mark on British politics.

The problem isn't easy to fix, though. The REAL issue is the fact that for nearly 20 years, the voters have been eliminated from EVERY major decision, culminating in the Treaty of Lisbon getting a rubber stamp (I applaud the Irish for rejecting it - but at least they got a chance to vote on it.)

The votes are meaningless. Parliament is utterly unaccountable and does whatever the hell it wants. Can you really blame Britain for having voter apathy? When our votes are essentially meaningless?

And even if there was a general election tomorrow, it's not like there are ANY parties out there worth our vote. The Lib Dems are in better shape than they've ever been - good for them - but even they're with the conservatives, floundering about, trying to find a voice and an identity.

THIS is why scary extremists like the BNP will do well in the next election. They have a VOICE and that resonates with people (dumb, racist people.) Unless one party - I hope it's the conservatives - can actually FIND their voice, Britain will continue to flounder like a fish out of water.

It's tragic and pathetic, all at the same time!


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