Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bryant Oden's tribute to Christina Taylor Green and the other victims of the Arizona shootings

Bryant Oden is an American songwriter. He is most famous for writing appallingly annoying but compulsive songs for children, such as The Duck Song which was a huge hit on You Tube. I swear to you that having listened to it this morning, to get the link,  I will not be able to get it out of my head for the rest of the day.

He has released another song today, called Now You're Gone, available here on You Tube, dedicated particularly to the loved ones of victims of last Saturday's horrific events in Tucson, especially 9 year old Christina Taylor Green. It's a very sad song and in very simple terms it expresses the grief and sense of loss that those people will be feeling.  Have a listen.

Why am I even bothering to clutter up your RSS feeds with this? Possibly because I became aware of it because Anna was checking her You Tube before breakfast and found it in her subscriptions lists. I just think it's good that somebody has thought of writing a song that children can relate to which raises awareness of what happened, and may also help any child who is having to deal with feelings of grief and loss in their own lives.

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