Saturday, January 01, 2011

New Year Message from Tavish Scott

Scottish Liberal Democrat Leader Tavish Scott has sent out his annual New Year Message. In it he talks about his priorities for the year - building a sustainable economy, restoring excellence in education and giving people more control over their public services.
I want so much better for Scotland in 2011 than we’ve had. And I don’t just mean the weather.  People want a Scottish Government where we take the right, long-term decisions for the country, not for any political party. Take decisions that can build a stronger, better and more prosperous Scotland. So I want the New Year to start the process of building a better future for our country: to protect and create new jobs, to give real control to local people over the public services they depend on and to restore Scotland’s reputation for excellence in education.
As leader of the Scottish Liberal Democrats I want to achieve more for our country. A Scotland that creates the most innovative and entrepreneurial economy in the world; where our children are among the best achieving in the world with kids from the most deprived backgrounds reaching double the current levels of attainment; and where we move towards a low-carbon, no-carbon country with Scotland being in the top 5 countries for energy efficiency.
Politicians can’t do this. People across Scotland can. People working in the private sector, voluntary bodies and communities of Scotland. Teachers in schools. Nurses in hospitals. Bus drivers getting us to work. It will be a Scotland where we co-operate, trust and respect each other’s contributions.
It will be a Scotland where hard work and innovation are rewarded, but one where Government will invest, educate and support to make sure it is fair.
That’s the Scotland I want to begin to build and 2011 is the year to begin.


cynicalHighlander said...

"Take decisions that can build a stronger, better and more prosperous Scotland."

So we can expect him to ditch the Calman proposals as they stand as many business leaders are calling for.

‘Tax powers vital if new businesses are to grow’

Many more links here.

Happy new year.

cynicalHighlander said...


A TNS poll released today shows 40 per cent would now vote ‘yes’ if a   referendum “were to be held tomorrow”. In contrast, 44 per cent said they would vote against such a move with 16 per cent unsure.

More people are begining to wake up to reality.


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