Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Learning the Reggaeton Shuffle and the Merengue March - STV teach us Zumba

Do you know your Beto Shuffle from your Cumbia Funk?

Do you have the slightest clue what I'm on about, or does that last sentence make you scared?

There's no need to be - these weird sounding things aren't medical procedures, they are Zumba moves.

I'm now into my second week of Zumba classes and so far I'm really enjoying them. I have to say that last week the Wednesday class was much harder going than the Monday one. Wise people on Twitter suggested that two a week was maybe a bit too much to start with, but I think my body can cope with it and I will listen to it. I have no desire to slump back into the horrors of the last couple of years, believe me, so I won't take any risks.

I'm going to Nadia's and Cheryl's classes at Livingston Station Community Centre in Deans at 10 am on a Monday and a Wednesday. I've enjoyed the variety of the classes so far. I naively thought we'd be doing the same routine all the time, but there has been just the right amount of familiarity and new ground in every class which helps you build a wee bit of confidence that you know what you're doing, but stops you getting bored and thinking you know what's coming.

I was interested to see that STV are running an online Zumbathon on 27th January (that's tomorrow night) at 6.30 pm. To help with that, they've put up a series of video guides with instructor Donna Giffen which teach the basic steps. I'm sure that today in my class, I'll be deconstructing the routines in my mind to identify the moves which make them up. I'm hoping that what I've learnt online will enhance my often hilarious attempts to master the choreography.  When the instructors say don't worry if you're on the wrong foot, I am sure they're talking to me because I invariably am.

I don't really think that fitness DVDs in your own home, or online classes such as this, can ever replicate the dynamic of a class. There's something about actually being there with your fellow travellers. Not everyone can get to or afford classes, though, so this is a great idea.  I'm not sure I'll be back from doing the usual Thursday night chauffeuring runs in time to participate, but if you fancy it, you know it's there.

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