Tuesday, January 11, 2011

#F1 Brundle promoted and joined by DC in BBC Commentary shake up

In exactly two months' time, we'll have seen the first couple of practice sessions of the 2011 season in the yawnmaking Sakhir international circuit in Bahrain. Last year's race belied the fact that the season was to be one of the most exciting ever, with the championship being decided by a(nother) Ferrari strategic slip up in the last race. Wouldn't have happened in Ross Brawn's day.....

One thing which was almost perfect all the way through last season, and the one before that, was the utterly fantastic BBC coverage. On both radio and television, the BBC excelled themselves with, to my mind at least, the best sports reporting team ever.

Today they've announced that they're changing things to make them even better. Jonathan Legard is leaving and his space in the commentary box is being taken by David Coulthard.  I'm sure Mr Legard is a very nice man, but his commentary was dull and uninspiring and a lot of the time not even knowledgeable. And he had absolutely zero chemistry with his co-commentator Martin Brundle. It would be completely hypocritical of me to even suggest that I am sorry to see him go - although I hope that he finds a lucrative outlet for his talents. He comes across better in writing, I think.

I have worshipped at the Altar of the Blessed Brundle for 14 seasons now. He seems to have an instinctive sense of what we want as race viewers and is able to give it to us. He can be laddish at times, but has a fabulous balance of humour and cynicism to throw into the mix with his unrivalled inside knowledge.

There are some who aren't impressed with the new line up, but I think it'll work. Duncan doesn't think that Brundle will cut it as lead commentator, but I disagree. He's actually been a commentator for as long as he was a driver. His point of view has rounded in those 14 seasons.

We know that he has a good on-screen chemistry with Coulthard, and that the Scotsman is himself very articulate and good at expressing his opinion. The pair have been friends for years and I think this is a good move. My only worry about it is that we'll have to forego the sparky banter between DC and Eddie Jordan during the build-up. There's also the issue of DC's clear bias towards Red Bull - lucrative when you want access and insight, but not so helpful when it's just him and a microphone. Let's hope he can temper that a bit.

I wonder who they're going to give EJ to bounce off - or whether that post will go as part of the austerity strategy at the BBC.

Anyway, this is welcome news in the middle of the four month off season. It's only 3 weeks till the first pre season testing in Valencia - and only 6 weeks after that until the season kicks off.

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lizw said...

According to my Autosport RSS feed yesterday, DC is still going to do the pre- and post-race coverage - he's just going to sprint over to the commentary box for the race start. I think it should work.


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