Tuesday, January 18, 2011

#F1 @MBrundleF1 hits the Twitterverse

I had a nice surprise when I fired up Tweetdeck this morning - Mark Cole had tweeted me to tell me that F1 commentator Martin Brundle has taken to the Twitterverse. I have since had a look at his blog, A Life Inside and Outside of Politics and apart from differing opinions on David Coulthard, we seem to be twins separated at birth (he wrote about Dancing on Ice, for goodness' sake) so he's now on my blogroll.

I hope Mark forgives me for being initially sceptical, as there have been imposters before. There was one who started tweeting during the build up to a race and then during the Red Button forum. However, he was caught out when a tweet which was supposed to be from Martin Brundle appeared as he was actually talking on the tv.

However, this new version has been genuinely interacting with Jake Humphrey and tweeting other verified celebrities, so he appears to be the real deal. This makes me very happy as I think it'll be great to have his feedback from the pre-season tests and on race weekends. At the time of writing, he's managed to gain 22,431 followers in just 3 days. I hope he's aware of the Twitter tradition that the nicest celebs run some sort of competition for their followers at specific milestones like 50,000 and 100,000 followers. I suspect that at least one of these milestones will be breached before the season starts.

Now, all he needs to do is persuade Mr Coulthard to set up @DCoulthardF1 and we're all set up for the year.

1 comment:

Mark Cole said...

Happy to help!

If DC does join Twitter, I won't be in such a hurry to follow him!

Thanks for adding me to your blog roll :-)


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