Friday, January 28, 2011

Congratulations to Andrew and Roger Reeves on their wedding day #bigfatgaywedding

Twenty two years, 5 months and 2 days ago, at almost exactly this time,  I celebrated my wedding in the Hawes Inn in South Queensferry.  It was lovely to look out on the Firth of Forth, to see Bob's native Fife in the distance and the two majestic bridges.

Today, on a similarly sunny but a lot colder day, my lovely friend Andrew Reeves marries his partner Roger, also in South Queensferry, but across the road and a bit further along. 

He's written a really beautiful and poignant post this morning explaining exactly why they have chosen today.

I'm looking forward to celebrating with Andrew, Roger and many of our friends, including Mr Lovely Doctor Chocoholic and my friend Jo, whom I haven't seen since Anna was a baby. Already Mr Reeves is excitably tweeting us through his Big Day.  His day is so far a lot less traumatic than mine - when I was in parlous danger of missing my own wedding after my hairdresser turned up late after a night at the Glenlivet Fireworks the night before. I think the word Glenlivet is crucial to the understanding of why he was late. And maybe a bit pale too.

Since his arrival in Scotland 3 years ago, Andrew has been a total inspiration as a campaigner, but also, more importantly, as a funny, loyal, supportive friend. I don't know what I'd have done without his cheery banter on Twitter when I was ill. He was one of a lovely group of thoughtful people who kept my spirits up all the way through.

So, congratulations to Andrew and Roger on their special day and my best wishes for many more happy and peaceful years together.

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