Saturday, January 15, 2011

#PAD Photos 8-14 January

Here are my PAD photos for this week:


Snowing again:-(


My lovely little Fluffball enjoys a hamster treat.


Finally, as the snow disappears, we acquire a snow shovel.

Cosy domesticity - teaching Anna how to make a curry out of last night's roast chicken and stock for soup out of the bones.


I will not be beaten by the World of Fail that is STV. They didn't show this in Scotland, but I'm going to watch it, without ad breaks.


This is a super photograph, taken by my friend Charles Dundas recently. To get your bearings, Livingston North Railway station is in the bottom right. It only just misses our house and you can see Arnold Clark, Morrisons and, most importantly, the Lib Dens' Livingston by-election HQ. Charles was the candidate and I was the campaign manager & it was a fantastic campaign during which I bossed him about a lot, and he took it like the patient soul that he is.


Typical. First time I'd managed to get out all week because of the ice and where did I end up? I lead such a glamorous life.

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