Monday, January 17, 2011

Feeling safe with Vince Cable and his "beautiful feet"

This blog is resolute in its devotion to Vince Cable, not just for his acknowledged economic brilliance and the manner he wiped the floor with George Osborne in the run up to last year's General Election, but also for his love of all things Strictly.  We got to see his talent on the dance floor during last year's Christmas special.

He danced a beautiful foxtrot with Erin Boag with excellent footwork and skilful leadership of her around the dancefloor. Erin is a bit of a stickler for precision and perfection and the Foxtrot is not an easy dance to master. Vince has been dancing for years, so it wasn't like he was learning a new skill, but even so, he did a gorgeous job which brought a tear to my eye.

The reason for writing about it 3 weeks after the event is not just to give me a gratuitous excuse to post the video so you can see Vince and Erin's graceful and elegant foxtrot for yourself, but because Erin has been talking about him to her local paper, praising his "beautiful feet". I'm sure she actually means footwork there.
This is what she had to say:

 "He was utterly charming and one of the best dancers I've danced with.
"When a man takes hold of you, you want to feel relaxed and don't want to worry he will step on your feet. With Vince I was never nervous he was going to stand on my feet."

Nice to see that Vince is as reassuring a presence on the dance floor as he is in the Party and the Cabinet.

And here's the video of their dance:

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Mr Eugenides said...

the manner he wiped the floor with George Osborne

Shurely you mean "the manner he wiped the floor with his boss"


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