Saturday, January 29, 2011

Daily Mail Fail of the Day - as they expose wife beating ways of their pet gay basher

Featured on Liberal Democrat Voice

For years, the Daily Fail has been happy enough to run to the odious Director of Christian Voice, Stephen Green every time they wanted to indulge in a bit of gay bashing, even as recently as a fortnight ago. Melanie Phillips even had him as a sort of poster boy for poor persecuted Christians in a column 5 years ago. Her hateful column earlier this week which attracted such rightful opposition on Twitter and elsewhere (thanks, Johann Hari)

Today they unveil him as a wife beater.  I'm not sure why they care. As I wrote the other day, they don't really get domestic violence.

To most of us, it's been fairly clear for a very long time that Stephen Green is a deeply unpleasant, bigoted individual. The Fail say in today's article that he "revelled in his self appointed public role as guardian of the nation's morality." Perhaps their own newspaper ringing him up regularly for quotes played a role in encouraging that delusion.

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KelvinKid said...

It's nice to see we can still agree on something!


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