Monday, January 31, 2011

How many pair of shoes do you have?

I hope you don't think it's an impertinence to ask such a thing. It's just that I was discussing the subject with some friends of mine at Andrew's wedding on Friday night.

One of the participants in this discussion has so many pairs of shoes that one of her friends once thought it was appropriate to give her the biography of Imelda Marcos as a present. She probably has a pair for every weekday of the year.  And I have to say, she chooses very well.

I have never been that bothered about clothes and shoes. If I have money, I'll spend it on books, DVDs or holidays. I'm sure that I keep Amazon in business. I am also incredibly clumsy. If I can fall over I will, so the idea of wearing shoes with high heels is not one which excites me. That reduces my options quite a lot.

So,while my friend has hundreds of pairs, mine can be counted on the fingers of one hand: my trainers, for exercising, my boots, my boring black mary janes, some gold stripey muley things and my hippy Summer sandals which qualify me to be a Liberal. That's it. I tend to wander around barefoot at home as well as I really don't like wearing shoes unless I have to. I do miss my exotic red and brown patterned pumps, though. Anna made me buy them in a Next sale a few years ago but they fell apart this Summer. I wish I'd taken a photo of them. I shall have to find a replacement for this Summer.

So are shoes for you a creative expression of your inner self, or something that keep your feet warm? Let me know.


Laura said...

I'm not sure of the exact number, but I would guess about 15. Most of them were bought to go with a specific outfit though, and there are only about five or six pairs that I wear all the time.

Harriet said...

I LOVE shoes! But then somehow they're the sort of thing of which I have a million pairs (slight exaggeration) but none that I can actually wear.... Somehow I tend find myself buying splendid pairs that I can wear to parties, wear once (or twice) and then not for another year, and in the meanwhile slob about in the same pair of trainers, bemoaning the fact that I can never wear skirts because I can't justify the purchase of a new pair of shoes/boots.

Honestly, I should just get a grip, shouldn't I?!

Liberal Neil said...

Was Jo at the wedding then? ;-)

In answer to your question, I have one pair of shoes, one pair of trainers and one pair of wellies.

But my shoes have a big hole in the bottom at the moment and need replacing (for good Lib Dem campaign related reasons!)


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