Monday, January 24, 2011

Caron's Corkers - 24 January 2011

First up tonight - a signal boost for Mark Thompson, who tears to shreds the argument made by anti Fair Votes bloggers that Auf Wiedersehen Pet proves that AV is unfair.

At long last,  the Elephant writes his long awaited review of the Doctor Who Christmas Special. I think it's amazing that both he and I missed out the best line of the whole episode.

Clair shows that it's fine to be just a good enough parent. 

Sarah shows that it's worthwhile standing your ground in the face of a jobsworth.

Mark Pack gets to the bottom of a feline myth which is more than the Daily Fail et al managed.

And as we see rats in Downing Street, become as common a site as political journalists, and with spending cuts presumably behind the decision not to get a cat to deal with them, maybe we ought to learn more about our tailed rodent friends.  After all, there's probably one less than 10 feet away from you now.......

The Burd asks if we should make it an offence to be drunk in charge of a child.

And congratulations to the Divine Ms Duffett on reaching her 500th post on Liberal Democrat Voice, which was last night's Golden Dozen, but I can't link to it because the site is down.

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