Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Last chance to vote in the National TV Awards aka Get Out The Geek Vote!

Just a reminder that the National TV Awards are on tomorrow night. So at least Tommy Sheridan will have something frivolous to help alleviate the stress on his first night behind bars.

Anyway, I suspect that all the Lib Dem Who fans I know would turn their noses up at the thought of voting in something like this, but I can never resist an election, so I need to Get out the Geek Vote.

Matt Smith and Doctor Who are up in a couple of categories. I reckon Steven Moffat's name has to be on the best Drama award given that it's Who v Sherlock but you can never take these things for granted.

I particularly wanted to make my views known in those categories, and the talent show one where I obviously voted for Strictly.

There is also an award for Topical Magazine programme. Now, I know we Lib Dems tend to go for radio in the morning, either Good Morning Scotland or the Today programme, but can I put a special mention in for BBC Breakfast which is up against Loose Women and This Morning?  Now, it would obviously be better if it had just BBC Breakfast on the days Bill Turnbull presents it, but unfortunately we don't have that option.

If you are sufficiently moved by this post to want to make your views known, you can do so here.

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